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We're thrilled to announce that Casey & Company has expanded our services to offer nationwide shipping for our exquisite collection of indoor plants! To celebrate this milestone, we're offering FREE SHIPPING for the entire month of January.
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Embark on a delightful journey through Casey & Co, where every turn reveals the beauty of nature and the charm of handpicked gifts. From lush greenery to artisanal treasures, our collection is a tribute to the art of fine living. Dive into a world of botanical wonders and unique finds, all curated with love and care. Your perfect piece of nature's magic and memorable gifts await!

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Canvas Planters

Add some warmth and joy to your living space and showcase your beautiful houseplants in our canvas planters. Each planter features one of our favorite mantras.
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Flying Edna Classic Cards

Our consistently best selling cards in the classic collection
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Blind Date with a Book

Essentially, ‘Blind Date With a Book’ is what the title suggests a blind date with a book. Unlike a blind date between two humans, though, appearances are not the first thing you get to judge when you meet your next read. You know next to nothing about the book but it’s thickness, size and broadly descriptive words written on the brown paper.
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