Fine Gardens

Design & Detailing

Fine Garden Design

We're familiar with the rich history and complicated garden design of large formal garden estates and the historic gardens that make this neighborhood so special. We've ingrained garden history and design theory into our contextual understanding. We are highly attentive to the needs of the plants and our clients. We foster a healthy environment for growing plants and the people who inhabit the fine gardens entrusted to our care.

Plant Selection & Installation

Fine gardening is a specialized service that often entails custom hand pruning, fertilizations, specialized plantings, water feature and pond care, and pottery, garden furniture and art purchases. It can also include low-voltage lighting care, specialized plant care and estate and outdoor master planning.

Detailing & Maintenance

Our fine gardeners have a depth and breadth of knowledge that is unprecedented in the field of gardening. We are passionate about gardening and have years of experience in a public garden rated in the top ten in the world along-side Versailles and Kew. We pay close attention to detail, maintain great relationships with our clients, we're organized, and excellent at following up and following through with details. Your neighbors and the public love us. We think you will too.